Babes! Last week we celebrated the conclusion of Season 1 of the podcast and this week, we get to celebrate the start of Season 2!

I’m telling you – the celebrations just never end (nor should they)!

But first, I don’t want you to miss the latest BIG DEAL around here. 

Last Thursday, I announced a new free offering available to you, as an MIYP Sister. A free little online training that’s going to help you set some boundaries for yourself regarding client work.

I call it Your Secret Ninja Trick to Never Bending Over Backwards and Not Getting Paid for It Again.

Or… The Personal Contract Agreement, for short. 😉

I devised the Personal Contract Agreement a few months ago as I noticed the boundaries in my client work were slipping away. I knew that was a slippery slope, so I created AND SIGNED contract WITH MYSELF, stating what I would and would NOT be doing for clients in the future.

And THEN, a few weeks ago we all got talking about #BOUNDARIES in our businesses and the topic of the Personal Contract Agreement came up. I realized this was something that most business owners weren’t using in their businesses and so, I figured, I’d better get it into your hands.

So, if you feel your client work boundaries getting crossed, here and there, or everywhere, click here to access the free member training. Totally free, babe. And it’ll only take about an hour to complete.

No idea what I’ll do with this Member Training area that I’ve created in Thinkific, but for now, it at least holds this free training and I might plop in a few more as they hit me and seem relevant to the Group.

And In Other News…

Season 2 of the Podcast Begins THIS THURSDAY, August 3rd!

Here’s the absolutely mind-blowing line up for the season:

Aug 3 – with Rachel East and Kristen Walker of Clarity on Fire
Aug 10 – with Ashley Alphin of C&A Event Planning
Aug 17 – with Amanda Boleyn of The She Did It Her Way Podcast
Aug 24 – with Joanna Platt of (Again!)
Aug 31 – with Melissa Mendez of The Pure Appeal
Sept 7 – with Jaclyn Patterson of UnCo
Sept 14 – with Ashley Cowles of The Small Town Foodie Blog
Sept 21 – with Steph Crowder of the Courage + Clarity Podcast
Sept 28 – with Me for a Season 2 Finale!

Going to be SO GOOD, ladies. So happy you’re all here to enjoy and join in on the conversations.