I noticed a pattern last week that I have to share with you.

See, every Thursday, I get to hop on the phone with my clients and coach them through the next phase of their marketing strategy. These are the best days for me because I can really feel the progress being made in my clients’ businesses.

So last Thursday, I finished up my last call of the day and as I was cleaning up my desk, it hit me – this pattern.

It hit me that every single one of my clients that I had spoken to that day was NOT looking for a better marketing strategy. Or a Coach. Or even accountability.

They were looking for PERMISSION.

Permission to go for it. To really, finally go for it.
Permission to call themselves an “entrepreneur.”
Permission to get excited about this new project they’re working on.

And then I realized… heck, I was looking for permission last week too.

When I invested in a mastermind/mentorship program – the largest one-time investment in the history of my business – I was looking for permission to go to the next level.

Permission to not get stuck at the level I’m at right now.
Permission to keep chasing my dreams.

Because let me be super frank with you. I almost didn’t invest in this program.

I flip-flopped on it all week, thinking, “Ehh I could probably figure out how to do this on my own. Do I really need this mentor and program and expense? Reeeeally?”

I still know that I COULD figure this next level out on my own. I have it within myself to push hard to get there.

BUT. It’s uncharted territory – a place I’ve never been before – and I needed permission to be the kind of person to reach this next level. Permission outside of myself.

I don’t know why. I haven’t yet explored the psychology behind this.

But now that I’ve recognized the pattern within my clients and within myself, it makes me wonder… 

When my ideal client is considering hiring me as their Coach, what are they hoping to get permission for?

At first glance, this was a huge question I didn’t know how to answer. But when I sat down with it on Friday with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, the words began to flow.

After about twenty minutes of scribbling, I found that my ideal client, above all else, is looking for permission to be independent. To legitimize their business to a point where it stands on its own two feet, independently.

This was a huge breakthrough for me. One that I can’t wait to incorporate into my brand message because I can just sense how it’ll resonate with my ideal client so viscerally.

So now, I have to ask – what is YOUR ideal client hoping to get permission for as they invest in you?

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