MARKETING TIP from our latest podcast guest, Ashley of @caeventplanning …

Have coffee with someone!

Ok ok, you hear about it all the time, right? “Virtual coffee dates!” “We should get coffee!”

But in case you’re a stubborn cat lady (LIKE ME) you might need a little prodding to actually have coffee with someone – virtually or IRL.

So here’s the deal – making that personal connection with someone, ESPECIALLY someone providing a complementary service to your own, can be so crucially valuable to the livelihood of your business.

When people know you, have sat down and talked with you, they’re SO much more likely to tell someone else about you than if they’ve only seen your social media posts. Right?!

So hop on the phone or actually go out of your house to the coffee shop and meet up. You’ll be glad you did.

Anyone have a great story about how a coffee date changed your business for the better? I have about a MILLION. Would love to hear some!