I’m back from vacay and ready to rock!

Okay, maybe not ready to “rock” yet. My first cup of coffee hasn’t totally kicked in. But I AM so ready to write to you this morning because the topic is one that is becoming more and more invigorating for me and seems to be striking a necessary chord for you, too.

We’re talking about our inner critics – that voice in our head that simultaneously attempts to keep us safe, while driving us absolutely bananas.

Ya know, that voice that chimes in any time you’re trying to up-level yourself, your business, your life? She comes in with her doubts and skepticism and worry and sometimes even mean-girl-ness and tries to derail you from your up-level.

Yeah, her.

Joanna Platt and I got to discuss this topic in depth in the most recent MIYP podcast episode and then I hopped into the Group last night and chatted with a few MIYP Sisters for another hour on the subject.

The FB Live was a great follow-up to the podcast episode between Jo and I and can be found here (pinned to the top of the feed) – perhaps a good listen later this afternoon on your walk or during your work out.

I got vulnerable about my own inner critic and what she often says to me. I also shared my experiences over the past few weeks getting to know my inner critic persona better so I could do just what Jo suggested – come to terms with that voice and bring her along for the ride.

Because she’s definitely coming along for the ride.

See, my inner critic isn’t going anywhere. The goal isn’t to figure out how to avoid my inner critic or shut her up or eliminate her from my life.

That’s literally impossible. My inner critic is there to keep me safe – a biological part of my brain.

So while my natural tendency is to just push through and combat that inner critic voice, I’ve learned that a more healthy path involves getting to know my inner critic voice, give it space, appreciate it for what it is, and then firmly remind it that IT’S OKAY. WE’RE NOT GOING TO DIE. WE’RE SAFE. And then move on and keep up-leveling.

Because – and here’s where it got reeeeally good in the FB Live from last night – being constantly dictated by our inner critic AND/OR working harder, pushing harder, and ignoring this part of ourselves will keep us from playing big, up-leveling, getting to that next step, growth.

As Tara Mohr says it in her book, Playing Big (AKA the #1 resource I suggest reading if you want to come to terms with your inner critic and move on to bigger and better things),

“Learning how to listen to your inner MENTOR instead of your inner CRITIC is the first major movement toward playing bigger.
Playing big doesn’t come from working more, pushing harder, or finding confidence. It comes from listening to the most powerful and secure part of you, not the voice of self-doubt.”

So good.

So today, if you haven’t already, listen in to the latest MIYP podcast episode (link to iTuneslink to Stitcherlink to YouTube). And then, if you’d like some even more personal talk on the subject, listen in to last night’s FB Live recording.

And then join in the conversation. What does your inner critic often say to you? How can you engage with your inner critic in a way that’s appreciative, yet firm in the fact that you’re still moving ahead, up-leveling, growing?

Can’t wait to continue this chat!

And in other news…

This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Megan Seeley, founder of The Goal Designer!!!

You know Meg, right?! She’s been in the Group since Day One and has been putting in the work to launch her website, her business, and her brand new physical product over the past 3 months. She is smack dab in the middle of her LAUNCH WEEK right now and her podcast episode goes live THE DAY SHE LAUNCHES!

Needless to say, it’s going to be a PARTAAAAYYY on Thursday when all of her hard work goes LIVE!

I sincerely hope you’ll listen in to learn about Meg’s 90-day journey from Idea to Launch and then hop into the Group to cheer her on, support her, and share her business with your network!

The episode goes live Thursday, August 31st at 12am EST (so, 5am for all of our UK loves, 2pm for Aussies).

Til then, love you all!