I picked up on a recurring theme last week that I want to dedicate some time to now.

It first came up in conversation within another Facebook Group I’m active in on Tuesday.
Then, it was asked about in our Facebook Live on Thursday with the MIYP Group.
Then, it came up in two of my client calls later on Thursday.
And finally, I listened to a podcast relating to the issue on Saturday.

So, point taken. Let’s talk about this.

Tell me, have you ever felt the intense pressure to be perfect BECAUSE of your business? BECAUSE you’re the “expert,” you feel like you have to be perfect regarding whatever you’re the expert on?

For instance, I talk all day every day about online marketing. This can easily cause me to feel pressured to have a perfect online presence – perfect Instagram feeds, perfect website, perfect social posts, perfect launches, etc etc. And God forbid if I ever screw up a launch or my strategy doesn’t work!

Maybe you’re a life coach, and while most of your clients gain great value from what you do, you still feel the pressure to have your entire life together. If you didn’t, wouldn’t that make you a total fraud?

What if you’re a fitness trainer? You might feel pressured to always look trim and fit and never eat anything you wouldn’t suggest your clients eat.

I’m getting itchy just coming up with these examples… because they are SO REAL. Right? They’re happening all around us.

Because when this pressure creeps in, it so easily takes over. 

One day you’re on the phone with your client, helping them slay their goals, get results, feeling like a boss. Then, somehow, the next day, the pressure to be perfect has crept in and reminded you that while you can “talk the talk,” you’re not always “walking the walk.”


And then maybe you don’t post to social media that day because you’re feeling down about yourself. And then you hesitate to write that email to that potential client because… what you’re not actually good enough to provide this service?

And within hours you’re in this vortex of imposter syndrome, plagued with your inner critic screaming into your ear, “I told you this was a bad idea. You put on a front for a while, but see? You don’t have your sh*t together enough to actually do the thing these people are paying you to do. You should just quit now. You can’t keep doing this. You’re a phony…” And on and on and on it goes.
Because I’ve been there. And I’ve watched you or someone like you go through this many times before.

I’m not a psychologist or a therapist or someone who has studied this internal struggle. But I AM a human who’s been there so many times.

And from that perspective, I’m going to be real with you:

Being “perfect” is not real life. I’ll go out on a limb and assume we’ve all had someone in our lives tell us that “perfect” is something to strive for… and at the time, we believed them. But can we take a step back for a moment and realize that that person was internally broken just like you and I? Struggling with the pressure and being held back by it too?

Business is personal. Let it be. See, people do business with other people – not with companies or brands. At the end of the day, you, as a person, are doing business with other people. When we’re attempting to be perfect, we build a pedestal for ourselves to stand on, not allowing the people we do business with to get close. This might feel safe internally, but from a business standpoint, good luck making lasting, loyal business relationships that way.

You only have to be two steps ahead of someone to genuinely help them.So (and I say this so lovingly), stop acting as if you have to be 500 steps ahead. Imagine standing next to your client. Take two steps forward. Reach back and grasp your client’s hand. You can still reach them, can’t you? Now lead them forward. It works well, right?

So now tell me, have you been allowing the pressure to be perfect hold you back?

And if so, what can you do today to tell that pressure to take a hike? What point of reason from above do you need to remind yourself in order to move forward, past that pressure?

Or maybe there’s a different point of reason you need to tell yourself. What is it?

Let’s talk about this in the Group. Hop over and tell us where the pressure to be perfect creeps into your life and what you might be able to do to move past it.

As always always always, we’re here for you – the imperfect, real life, totally human, totally beautiful, totally enough YOU.

And in other news…

This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Jaclyn Patterson, co-found of UnCo!

UnCo is a sustainable fashion brand right in the thick of start-up phase, having just wrapped up their first round of crowd funding and taking on their first clients and fashion brands. We caught Jaclyn at an interesting time in her company’s journey, so this will be an episode you won’t want to miss.

The episode goes live Thursday, September 7th at 12am EST (so, 5am for all of our UK loves, 2pm for Aussies).

Til then, love you all!