In this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit speaks with Joanna Platt, life and relationship coach at Brit interviewed Jo back in Season 1 of the podcast and now she’s back to deep dive into a topic we hear about, we deal with regularly, but often have no idea how to address – our inner critic.

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  • Defining “inner critic”
  • Why we even decided to talk about the inner critic
  • Brit’s story of a serious smack in the face from her inner critic following the launch of the Marketing in Yoga Pants podcast
  • When your inner critic is most apt to show up
  • Why your inner critic even exists
  • How Joanna’s inner critic came around during the launch of her online course
  • The different ways your inner critic may come into play – it’s different for everyone
  • How to build resiliency with your inner critic through positivity, as opposed to negativity
  • Giving your inner critic a name and persona
  • Handling overwhelm
  • Handling the fear of wasting time (Brit’s WORST fear!)
  • Jo’s unique way of seeing her inner critic is a positive light
  • The Drama/Victim Triangle versus the Empowerment Triangle

Addressing Your Inner Critic with Joanna Platt on the Marketing in Yoga Pants podcast for creative female entrepreneurs


“One of the biggest things you can do to build resiliency with your inner critic is to just sit and be with it.”

“When you become an observer of [your inner critic] you’re not a victim of it.”